It's our weekly WKND guide, Easter weekend style. Featuring, a Last Supper Party, Emma Hewitt, Future Beats, Adventure Club, Mickey Avalon and Childish Gambino, as well as an Easter Sunday family film day at Doris Duke. Enjoy! “It’s kind of an insulting term,” says Kamm of IDM. “A better term is future beat or future bass. There’s a lot of 808 drum samples and sub-bass; a lot of reverb and ’80s and ’90s R&B vocal samples; pitched vocal samples.”--Will Caron CLOTHESMINDED: When news came that an H&M would be opening in Waikiki, I was more than ready … to wait a week for the crowd to clear out before ransacking the place. And thank God I waited because this was by far the most disappointing H&M I have ever been to.--Jackie Perriera Electronic dance music (EDM) has changed a lot since Alex Paterson founded dub and ambient project The Orb in Great Britain 25 years ago.--Will Caron Most e-cards are pre-made images that can be found online, mass produced and anything but personal. But Hawaiʻi-based artist Laura Margulies has taken them to a whole new level, instilling in them the intimacy of a hand-made product with the excitement of animation.--Jennifer Yamada I spoke to The Maneki Nekos at guitarist / vocalist Griffith Jurgens’s round house apartment in the hills above Kaimukī after sitting in on a sunset jam session. Griff and drummer Justin Jansen played out into the trees overlooking town like they were at the helm of a reverberating, indie-rock-powered flying saucer.--Kelsey Amos The business model is simple: Artists give Hill their work, and he acts as part-manager, part-gallery, part-delivery man. --James Charisma Our best long-form journalism covering the past month and looking forward into April.--INHNL Staff Meyers ranks in the top strata of the Classical Music atmosphere—we’re lucky to have an artist of her caliber visit. The Prokofiev itself is worth the price of admission, and Meyers is the perfect player to take on the challenge of executing the piece.--Stephen Fox After seven years apart, a reformed Jurassic 5 takes Honolulu by storm--Gary Chun In the theatre of the absurd, surrealism is king. This is certainly true of Eric Yokomori’s bizarre, child-like, and truly hilarious play, Cockadoodledoo; on stage at Kumu Kahua Theatre through the end of April.--Will Caron As the sun goes down on the last Fridays of the month, the Honolulu Museum of Art transforms into a social gathering place.--Doorae Shin On tap are 37 films from around the world, including several Filipino films that will be shown at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Doris Duke Theatre for the 6th annual Filipino Film Festival. While you can see the whole lineup at (and purchase tickets as well), here are some curated highlights.--Gary Chun The seeming contradiction between a major, national-scale beer festival and the small-town Kona vibe is a big part of what makes the festival so special. But, while covering the event and sampling the beers was an epic good time, the real beauty of the trip for Rob and me lay in the land its people.--Will Caron What I really want to ask Beam about is where his lyrics come from. He sings in surreal whispers about ghosts and trees, birds and lovers, conjuring up images that melt into new forms.--Kelsey Amos Morning Glass Coffee + Café helps you escape from the perversion that is coffee with the usual suspects, putting a solid cup of ground and brewed-to-order coffee in your hand. There are no fancy cup names, no blenders and nothing even remotely mimicking ice-cream.--Katt Kitchen The hot dogs at Hank’s are also worthy of the titular designation “haute,” which literally means “high” or “above” in French. When applied to “haute-cuisine,” for example, this means “fine dining.” Fine-dining dogs? It may seem strange, but Hank’s makes it work.--Jennifer Yamada Though the album is about exposing us to the wicked lies we’re surrounded by everyday, the reggae Huhn and Mon produce together is all honest.--Evan Morgan The revitalizing of economically-depressed areas worldwide has been particularly influenced by a rise in technology-based social entrepreneurial ventures. These restorative businesses aim to do more than just build a profit: They aim to rebuild communities.--Mondenna Jamshidi Like LPs, that never quite went away and have seen a huge resurgence in recent years, analog photography has experienced a similar rebirth and rise in profile. Ironically, this is, at least in part, thanks to the ubiquity of digital photography and the analog-simulating filters featured prominently in modern photography software.--Richard Melendez Despite this bleak history, people in the islands today really, really like SPAM, and even those of us who try to “eat local” have a hard time imagining Hawai‘i without the quintessential “Local” food: SPAM musubi. So let me ask you this: What if we made it?--Kelsey Amos Iron Fist Brewery, located in Vista, California, may only be 3-years-old, but its beer’s drink like they’ve been crafted and refined for decades. This is no accident—the brains behind the operation, 22-year-old Brandon Sieminski, is a reflection of the product he so carefully crafts.--Will Caron

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